Seasonal Bites



Warm bread + garlic dipping olive oil
House-made red wine vinegar + sea salt chips
Spiced candied mixed nuts
Warmed citrus + rosemary olives
Monthly Flatbread
Pear + Blue Cheese + NM honey
NM Feta
Smoked kielbasa
Bresaola carpaccio
Pate trio
Monthly Burrata


See board for todays offerings


Served with bread + cornichorns

cheese (with house chutney)

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charcuterie (with house mustard)

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build your own board

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Fermín Paleta SerranoLa Alberca, Spain
Volpi BresaolaSt. Louis, Missouri
il Porcellino Spiced SalumiDenver, Colorado
Recia Speck ItalianoPiedmont, Italy
'Nduja Artisans Salame Di ManzoChicago, Illinois
Fra' Mani Spicy CapicolloBerkeley, California
il Porcellino Pistachio Orange SalamiDenver, Colorado
Fabrique Duck RilletteHayward, California
Schaller & Weber Pork PateNew York, New York
Fabrique Délices Salmon MousseHayward, California
Fabrique Délices Truffle MousseHayward, California
Fabrique Délices Duck ProsciuttoHayward, California


Fruition Farms Shepherd's Halo
angelic + silky-smooth + buttery + creamy + lush
SoftLarkspur, Colorado
Caseificio Dell'
creamy + rich + slightly tangy
SoftPiedmont, Italy
Four Fat Fowl
creamy + buttery + tangy
SoftSt. Stephen
Il Forteto Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto
rare white truffle studded + down-to-earth + passionate + intense + captivating
Semi-softTuscany, Italy
Haystack Mountain Boulder Chevre
creamy + citrus + grassy + clean
Semi-softLongmont, Colorado
Deer Creek Blue Jay
juniper berry infused quintuple crème blue + daring + velvety + elegant
Semi-hardSheboygan, Wisconsin
Beemster Classic 18-Month Gouda
brown butter + popcorn + praline + pecan + late night treat
HardHolland, Netherlands
Pecorino Camomilla
herbal sweetness + floral notes + fresh cut apple
HardEmilia Romagna, Italy
Deer Creek Vat 17 Extra Sharp World Cheddar
bold + confident + well-traveled + creamy yet crumbly + mouthwatering goodness
HardSheboygan, Wisconsin
Vecchio Piave
cousin of parmesan + crystalline crunch + tropical fruit + almond bitterness + toasted baguette
HardVeneto, Italy
Perenzin Caciotta diPepe e Olio
extra virgin olive oil + black pepper + sophisticated + classy + old-world charmer
HardVeneto, Italy


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